Eileen Laracy School Speaking Competition is now in its fifth year. 

l95pG2rMSnibsr24omdl4w thumb 26d2Rostrum Innovator, Fmn Bernie Ketter from Queensland Rostrum Club 10, developed the online School Speaking Competition between Brisbane and Townsville. Now in its fifth year.  Rostrum South Australia adjudicates Darwin RVOY Competitors from Adelaide and Rostrum now has an Online Rostrum Club. But Bernie was a moving force over five years ago.

Fmn Bernie Ketter

 Ellen and keith Handover Nov18The second oldest Rostrum Club in Queensland (Rostrum Club 10) is strongly growing and attracting younger members and a new young female President.

Incoming 2019 President Ellen Appelgren and 2018 President Keith Greenwood conducted a formal handover. Keith thought the Club 10 Gavel represented Rostrum tradition.

Rostrum Club 10 plans succession, fosters unity, friendship and education. It is why we grow, said President Keith. 


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