I’ve been around this planet a long time, having been born in the 1960’s, so I would have expected by this stage I would been able at any moment invited to stand and confidently and competently speak to an audience.

However, looking back to those times in the past when I seemed to cope well enough speaking before small audiences, perhaps the real reason I managed was that I knew my topic inside-out, so I was confident to deal with any questions or critical responses that might come my way. Hardly what one would call public speaking skills.

In fact the truth is that for years I avoided getting up on my feet in public, even though on many an occasion I would have liked to contribute my viewpoint on matters I was passionate about and had sufficient experience to comment on, in a public forum.

For years I watched others who with no preparation, rose to their feet and calmly and competently expressed their views, as if they’d been chatting in their loungeroom.


Our Rostrum leadership across all geographic Zones have supported the vision for Rostrum growth, built on consistency. Our common Rostrum Frontier brand is being implemented, underpinned by the training of both speakers and coaches.

Thanks to Jenny and her national and zone teams, there is a renewal of technology capability, coach and speaker training. Timely, as we progress to our Rostrum centenary.

By sharing, we encourage new and long-term Rostrum members to renew their enthusiasm and preserve Rostrum as a community service for others. 

Please send photos and short stories of your Rostrum Club and Zone renewal journey.

The December Edition closes on 5th December 2021.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

Paul Halliday - Editor Rostrum Taking ACTION


Thanks to all the members who completed our recent survey.

The Australian Rostrum Council have taken your comments and input on board and we will will adopt the recommendations of the majority of the membership.

The survey is still open for a few weeks so you can have your say by clicking this link.

Jenny Blain

800 students accepted the challenge to be involved in the 2021 Rostrum Voice of Youth program.

Due to changing covid conditions the decision was made to record the Zone Finals, in case it was not possible for the finalists to meet in Adelaide for the National Final.

In early July it became apparent that with a lockdown in NSW, the in-person National Final needed to be cancelled, and planning for a Zoom final became our new focus.

The review and planning is underway for 2022 which will culuminate in the National Final in Sydney. 

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