It is with sadness I advise Bryan Vivian Chapman, President Rostrum Victoria in 1990 and 1991 - passed away early on Thursday morning of 29 July. Unfortunately he has been ill for a while. He is survived by his wife Frances, daughter Margaret and son Edward. Condolences have been passed to Frances.

Robert Bicknell

Secretary, Rostrum Victoria.

“No man can learn the art of public speaking by reading a book. To learn to swim a man must plunge into water; to learn to speak in public a man must speak to an audience.” - Sidney Wicks

Before finding Rostrum I spent a lot of money on self-help books and hypnosis sessions - trying to solve my public speaking problem the easy way. Finally though I accepted that if I wanted to conquer those fears, I’d have to speak, in public!

My name’s Sean, a proud member of Club 48 in Preston. I’m also a former Irish backpacker who's been living in Melbourne since 2009 – I’ve still got my campervan, but now I run a small design studio (you can see some of my work on recent Rostrum posts)....

Our Rostrum leaders are consulting with members to develop an agreed Rostrum mission and vision. If you have not yet completed the survey please do so. A business approach to sustain our Rostrum Brand.

With the 'lockdowns' some Rostrum Clubs are reverting to hybrid meetings.  Please send articles on how your Rostrum Club is going. It is by learning from others that we grow.

Thanks to contributors and hope that your Rostrum Club can send their own story of adopting the Frontiers exercises and coaching. I personally liked Sean's quote in this issue.

Thanks Sean also for new format.

October Edition closes 5th October 2021 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How is Frontiers being used in your club? Do you have any stories to share about the exercises?

Remember that each of the activities are designed to assist members with skills that they will use in work or social situations. Each builds towards the set of skills that you need for preparing and delivering speeches. We have run training sessions for coaches and these can be viewed on our Youtube playlist

Let's see what some of the clubs have been doing......

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