From the president

Looking to the future I wonder if you have a vision of Rostrum in 10 year's time?

2020 and 2021 have brought about many changes in both our workplace and home life. Being a home school Nanna using the many, many online apps provided by the school has given me a jolt to think about how Rostrum must prepare for the future. 

Our challenge is to respond to the change in the business environment and to remain useful to our community.

We also have some plans around our public profile kicking off in 2021......

My journey to Rostrum is likely similar to that of many Members. Over the last couple of years, I had been looking for an opportunity to develop my rudimentary public speaking skills in an environment where I could observe accomplished speakers and receive supportive feedback on my own efforts.

What I have come to understand in my short time at Club 10 is that Rostrum does much more than develop public speaking skills, it develops the ability for a person to put forward a structured opinion by learning to develop a theme, outline points of relevance and conclude with a statement that pulls it all together, all in a defined timeframe....

Frontiers program

It's cold. I am still having my Rostrum meetings online rather than in person. School homework seems to be getting more difficult to coach each week. That's why I like to look forward to Spring and the promise of new beginnings. Everything seems easier when Spring comes. Attitudes change and daily routines are re-invigorated. That's how I see Frontiers in my Rostrum clubs. Refreshing, revitalising and energising. You remember you are part of a national network. You focus your club on the development of each member by developing specific skills and using coaching tips that give members clear ways to improve.

"I am still learning" by Michelangelo, isn’t it profound?

My first public speaking engagement was way back in the year 1994 which left me scarred. It was on my school stage in front of 1000 preying eyes. I started well but went blank and could not recover from there. I didn’t try anything until my college final year presentation and avoided like the plague any situation where I was to speak publicly.

Being in the IT industry, it was clear that my inability to articulate my thoughts to the team would be a big hindrance. Even though I was leading teams and would easily communicate technically, the moment I was to speak on a general topic or speak impromptu, words would abandon me. I would fail to put words in proper sequence and to make meaningful sentences.

It was clear I had to do something. I started with a club in India for a couple of months and after landing in Sydney, the first thing I searched for was a speaking club near me.

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