Is it true that Rostrum keeps you young? Perhaps Patricia Daly is a great example of the Rostrum effect. 

Rostrum Queensland recently celebrated Patricia Daly's 99th birthday!

Market research project

As we are all aware, it is an ongoing priority to ensure the growth of Rostrum’s membership, in terms of the attraction and retention of members.

A recent initiative involving the engagement of two student project teams based at the Australian National University (ANU), in partnership with the Practera organisation, has resulted in the release of two Final Reports. The relationship with Practera was sponsored by a past member of Rostrum Victoria who saw an opportunity for Rostrum to engage with postgraduate volunteers in projects to assist with our strategic directions.

These reports focus on:

- growing Rostrum’s profile through high level strategic engagements across the community, and
- examining potential marketing approaches designed to maximise Rostrum’s outreach

Students in South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, the ACT, NSW and Tasmania will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills through the RVOY program in 2022. The registration system is open, and students are responding positively. With Zone Finals scheduled for June, we aim to meet in Sydney on July 30th for the National Final. 

Will you be part of the RVOY team in 2022 that provides young people with the opportunity to be involved?

Jenny Blain - President

Great feedback from members who have been motivated by ideas they gained through our 2021 National Networking events. So many interesting ideas shared. Don't miss out - keep your eyes on your emails. (Check that your Zone webmaster has you registered on the national website).

If you have an online training session planned in 2022 let us know if you wish to invite members from other Zones.  Victoria has kickied off with an early discussion session for club training officers (program directors, meeting organisers) on Friday 11th February and followed that with a "Online and Hybrid Meetings" training session. Share some great ideas and make your meetings zing! Log in to the website and check the video of the session if you missed it.

We are heavily focussing on membership for this year. Rod Black, national Secretary, is organising a call out to all our clubs for a membership drive. If you missed Rod's presentation you can see it here. What else? Well....

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