In 2022 there is an opportunity for new ideas for next stage of the Rostrum Taking ACTION Newsletter.  This is a great opportunity for some of our younger members to work in tandem with our newsletter editor using skills in image editing, copy writing, interviewing techniques and newsletter production.

Our invitation is to younger, more IT literate members to become the Editor or Co-Editor of Rostrum Taking ACTION for 2022. Perhaps each Rostrum Zone can nominate a co-Editor for a few months on rotation.

We have great leaders and need to support them with a long-term Newsletter and a strong link to other IT such as Facebook and Meetup etc.

Next Edition is April 2022 and submissions close 2nd April. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Paul Halliday Editor Rostrum Taking ACTION

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Fmen Joan Berndt was the first female President of Queensland Rostrum and long term promoter of Rostrum Voice of Youth.  Joan and husband John were instrumental in developing the Carter Shield, a 22 year old speech competition still running between 3 schools in South East Queensland.

Fmn Eddie Fee was President of Queensland Rostrum and Australian Rostrum President. Eddie was instrumental in enabling Queensland Rostrum to develop.


Jenny Blain - President

Competitions, Conventions and Workshops. Meetings and Success Stories.

A busy few months for Rostrum. The ARC workshops provide networking possibilities for members across Australia, the sharing of ideas and tips to enhance meetings and prepare clubs for visitors. Organising a convention is a great achievement and a generous donation of time and expertise to Rostrum. Presenting a National Workshop is a great opportunity to expand your personal network and learn from others. It is fantastic to see new Rostrum faces putting up their hands to run events, workshops and conventions.  Each of these activities provide an opportunity for our members to learn or alternatively to showcase the skills they bring to Rostrum. So much talent!

“No man can learn the art of public speaking by reading a book. To learn to swim a man must plunge into water; to learn to speak in public a man must speak to an audience.” - Sidney Wicks

Before finding Rostrum I spent a lot of money on self-help books and hypnosis sessions - trying to solve my public speaking problem the easy way. Finally though I accepted that if I wanted to conquer those fears, I’d have to speak, in public!

My name’s Sean, a proud member of Club 48 in Preston. I’m also a former Irish backpacker who's been living in Melbourne since 2009 – I’ve still got my campervan, but now I run a small design studio (you can see some of my work on recent Rostrum posts)....

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