Rostrum has moved some of its clubs online for the duration of the global pandemic. Please contact a club for an online invitation.

Meeting Time 2nd Friday of every month, 7:30pm

Combined Services Club, 5-7 Barrack St, Sydney (City)
(Currently meeting on Zoom due to the pandemic — email club contact for details)

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About Millions Club No. 1


You're invited to the best city club in Sydney



Most of us will be asked to 'get up and say something' at some time in our life! We want to help prepare you for this moment.
Whether it is a friend's wedding, funeral, staff gathering, or job presentation, we all need to be prepared to 'Take the Rostrum' as we say in the club.


We also focus on CHAIRMANSHIP


Chairing a meeting is not the 'piece of (speaking) cake' that you might imagine. There are many tips and 'rules' to be mastered and it all takes time to learn these.
We can prepare you to 'Take the Chair' with panache and make you feel and look experienced and confident in how to conduct a meeting at work or in business.


As the name suggests, we think Club 1 is 'Top of the Rostrum Pops' when it comes to learning the art really first class public speaking.

We have some of the longest standing Rostrum members and therefore the most experienced in both public speaking and the art of Chairmanship. Our age range is very inclusive. Our members come from a wide range of professional and business  fields,legal, travel, insurance, banking, teaching and more.


This is what you will learn at our meetings:-


  • Organisation of speech content
  • Good diction and style
  • Voice control and modulation
  • Confidence and enthusiasm
  • Leadership qualities
  • Banish the 'tummy flutters' when asked to speak
  • Chairmanship strategies
  • Mannerisms, body language and gesture that enhance your speech
  • How to enjoy the greatest gift of all and have fun with it!




We meet on the second Friday of each month at 7:30pm.


New members are most welcome to visit, sit and listen, or participate if you wish.


You will NOT be pressured to speak until you feel ready!



Secretary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 





AND.................................... make new friends as well!!

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