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Meeting Time Each Monday at 6:45pm
Venue Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club, 93-97 Spring St., Bondi Junction
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our club contact,  Marc Ahrens, 0414 471 838


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View Larger Map Spring St Entrance to the venue, Easts Leagues Club.


About Club 15

Ours is a club with a core group of regularly attending members that offers a supportive and collegial atmosphere. Our three weekly speeches are often of an interesting, well researched, and thus informative nature. Moreover, our resident purveyor of jokes is guaranteed to have the club in fits, provided he remembers that very few people learn Latin these days.

Venue: our venue is at Easts Leagues Club, now in a meeting room, on the lower ground floor of the club. LG is accessible only via the one lift that will arrive when you press the down button at the lift well near the Spring St entrance to the club. Once you exit the lift on LG, simply follow the meandering corridor, past the 90-degree right-hand turn, until you here voices coming from a room. That'll be us. 

Plenty of off street parking is available.

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2021 Syllabus

Date Topic Chairman Word Joke Table Topics Reading 1st 8min 2nd 6min 3rd 6min Critic
 11/01  Chain-speaking #1                  
 18/01  All high school students should have a term on a farm (JulieM)                  
 25/01  Recently I learnt ... (JulieM)                  
 01/02  Driven to distraction(*)                  
 08/02  An interesting story from history(*)                  
 15/02  There is no such thing as normal (JulieM)                  
 22/02  It's relxaing(*)                  
 01/03  We are too dependent on technology (JulieM)                  
 08/03  War crimes (JohnB)                  
 15/03  Love stories(*)                  
 22/03  Being lazy isnt always a bad thing (JulieM)                  
 29/03  Trees maketh the land (PeterQ)                  
 05/04  NO MEETING: Easter Monday                  
 12/04  Art is essential to life (JulieM)                  
 19/04  Our borders (JohnB)                  
 26/04  A time to reflect                  
 03/05  Bringing up children(*)                  
 10/05  Improvement is what you want (PeterQ)                  
 17/05  Fact or fantasy (JulieM)                  
 24/05  A mid-life crisis?(*)                  
 31/05  Chain-speaking #2                  
 07/06  Internal Freeman Seamons heat                  
 14/06  NO MEETING: Queen's Birthday                  
 21/06  Eating things you dont like (JulieM)                  
 28/06  I think, therefore ...(*)                  
 05/07  Life in the fast lane(*)                  
 12/07  Humour is important because... (JulieM)                  
 19/07  Count your blessings (JohnB)                  
 26/07  Taking a risk(*)                  
 02/08  It seemed a good idea at the time (JulieM)                  
 09/08  Marriage is one way of ruining a relationship. (PeterQ)                  
 16/08  New Voices competition                  
 23/08  My favourite cartoon character (JulieM)                  
 30/08  The bicycle vs the motor car(*)                  
 06/09  A force to be reckoned with(*)                  
 13/09  Public speaking is a dying art. (PeterQ)                  
 20/09  The truth hurts(*)                  
 27/09  Follow the money(*)                  
 04/10  NO MEETING: Labour Day                  
 11/10  AGM -- prepare for altered agenda                  
 18/10  The simple life (JohnB)                  
 25/10  Fighting corruption (JohnB)                  
 01/11  What a piece of work is Man(*)                  
 08/11  VOY regional final                  
 15/11  If I could time travel... (JulieM)                  
 21/11  Chain-speaking #3                  
 22/11  Wild & free(*)                  
 29/11  It takes a village to raise a child(*)                  
 06/12  I love a sunburnt country(*)                  
 13/12  Christmas Party                  
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